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CNC Routers

The growth of CNC machining technology to include computerized numerical control with CNC routers was a natural progression that led to CNC routers adding 5 axis routing capabilities to the machines. In general, any CNC machine that can move in four or more ways is called multiaxis machining. This would include the advent of new machining types like 5 axis CNC routers working on larger wood cutting projects and other similar machines and materials. The 5 axis CNC router invention has allowed for precision cuts in an efficient manner, as can be seen in the video above, which features a 5 axis CNC router working on beam and timber frame construction.


Main features:


  • Higher power machining spindle capabilities for solid wood materials and heavy lumber banding on furniture, which required shaping and profiling

  • Multiple spindle capabilities for working more than one part at a time

  • Copy and floating capabilities for lumber bands being flushed up to HPL work surfaces

  • Automated vertical and horizontal multiple spindle drilling groups

  • 4th axis saw blade groups

  • Rotating 4th axis work tables

  • And the list goes on and on…




CNC Routers
CNC Routers
CNC Routers