Liqui Polish Granite

high-tech suspension made of inorganic polishing substances which enables the use of one single product for several polishing steps. Fluid, creamy and homogeneous consistency

Ready-to-use polishing fluid for machine application used to increase the lustre of polished, light-coloured hard stone, e.g. Kashmir White, Bethel White, Bianco Sardo, Wid, Karnataka, Porkkala and Edelhammar as well as for coloured hard stone, e.g. Juparana, Labrador (Blue Pearl), Rosa Beta, Rosa Santos, Red Aziz, Havanna Brown, Baltic Brown, or very dark and black hard stone, e.g. Nero Impala, Negro Orientale, Basalto, Columnare, Star Galax.. The lustre of edges, draining boards and small surfaces can easily be finished. Reliefs, tombstones, balustrades can be polished. The product is used in the industrial production and suitable for brightening up already laid flooring. Application also on surfaces with residual moisture. Colours: white, dark grey or black.