About Us

Pavir tejarat Iranian stone group

Pavir tejarat Iranian stone group, a combination of 20 factories and 15 quarries and employ of approximately 160 people, have been activated in stone sector since 1980.

We are manufacturer and supplier of stones in Iran and other countries. We have established ourselves as one of the credible players in the industry as we are forced on quality, customer value and satisfaction. our constant focus on quality has increased the presence of our products and services in various countries such as Germany,Spain,Greece,Russia,UAE,Egypt, etc. thus gaining us a good reputation.

We are an enterprise in all kind of stone especially onyx, marble, travertine and granite, our products range from tiles small slabs to gang saw slabs ,block, and various Iranian stones

All products are produced using latest technology of international companies such as CMS,AKEMI,KLINDEX and others . all products are checked and tested before being placed to the market. Our aim is to serve best quality stones to all over the world.